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Hannibal 2x03 - Hassun

The famous “Tie Scene” in the opening of the episode I think is full of beautiful symbolism about the dualism between Hannibal Lecter and Will Graham.

Hannibal, is doing a “Full Windsor” knot on his Tie (as you can see by the dimension of the final triangle), while Will is doing an “Half Windsor” (More simple). That is a beautiful hint of the relationship between them because

  • The Half Windsor needs one move less than the Full Windsor to be accomplished, so as Will was always one step behind Hannibal in the first season, in the search for the Cheasepeake Ripper. And still he’s like that, because he’s gone frustrated on everything he tried to do to prove that Hannibal is guilty for the murders which him is accused for.
  • Thus the name, Will is doing an Half Windsor because he’s half the way to become like Hannibal (and after what happens in the episode 2x05, the hallucination where the Stag emerging from himself, this scene foreshadowed the event), nevertheless he’s also not good nor intelligent as Hannibal.
  • As them was shown to us, Will is doing his not pulling the head of the tie on our right (his left) while Hannibal the inverse (because he’s on a mirror). Maybe is a little “pulled” as reasoning, but I think that Fuller wanted to show us that Hannibal is “sinister” (Latin for left) while Will is “right”. Except that, as mentioned before, Hannibal is in front of a mirror, so they are doing the same movements, because basically Will and Hannibal are likely the same.
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